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18 Florence Street, Wynnum QLD 4178

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About the centre

Centre Philosophy

At Wynnum General Gordon Community Preschool & Kindergarten, we believe that a partnership with families, within a warm, safe and supportive learning environment, is best for lifelong learning.   We honour, value and respect the rights of all children, staff and families and we foster a learning environment that provides a foundation for young children to become global citizens.  We acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land – the Quandamooka people, together with the unique culture, history and heritage of this Kindergarten. We thank the previous committees and families who planted the seeds for the future generations of children.  We strive to provide an inclusive, inquiry led and play based environment which celebrates and nurtures each child’s unique personality, skills, interests and culture.

Core Values

Rights, Trust, Respect, Compassion & Responsibility – These five values work together to provide a stimulating environment, nurturing relationships and positive learning experiences.  These values permeate throughout the Wynnum General Gordon Community.


We celebrate children as valued, trusted citizens and respect them as competent and confident people.  We see children as unique individuals and acknowledge that they grow and develop at different rates.  Children are our central focus and we cater for their differences, their natural curiosity and eagerness to learn, providing an atmosphere of trust and freedom. We strive to nurture in each child, initiative, independence, a sense of responsibility and achievement, respect for self and others and for the natural environment.


As partners in learning, families are actively encouraged and valued for their contributions to children’s wellbeing and learning achievements.  Families are acknowledged as co-educators in the collaborative decision-making processes which are an essential ingredient in this early childhood learning environment.  Families are encouraged to be involved on the management committee, attend working bees and rosters, and to share their skills, culture and interests within the program.  We strive to help people feel a sense of belonging, warmth and respect when they spend time here with us.


The Early Years Learning Framework is the national Australian framework for early childhood education, providing inspiring environments where children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life.  The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline aims to specifically enrich children’s learning in the kindergarten year, and is closely aligned with the national framework.  The children’s right to experience the joy of childhood is fundamental and learning is promoted through child initiated and teacher led provocations.  Our emergent curriculum develops positive attitudes and skills, and children are encouraged to explore our kindy and local natural environments through uninterrupted play.


Our environment is seen as the third educator that is responsive to the interests and abilities of each child, therefore much thought, planning and energy is expended to make it an inviting, engaging and safe place for young children.  We strive to promote a natural sustainable environment designed to encourage a sense of belonging and custodianship.


Centre staff are a warm, caring and dedicated team who engage in critical reflection and ongoing professional learning.  We respect and value collaboration drawing upon each person’s professional knowledge, understandings, strengths and skills. There is an ongoing review process in place through which we evaluate and reflect upon curriculum, policies and procedures, and our vision is to achieve excellence in all areas of this service.

Wynnum General Gordon has received an “Exceeding” result in all areas of the National Quality Framework, to reflect our philosophy of aiming to achieve excellence in all areas of our service to the community.

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