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About the centre

Operating for more than 30 years, Tannum Sands Kindergarten is proud of its long standing reputation as a place of quality Early Childhood education. Our Kindergarten is fortunate to be located on large shady grounds and privileged to have a well-resourced facility.

Tannum Sands Kindergarten is committed to the safety and well-being of all children in its care and to creating a child-friendly environment. Staff, parents and volunteers will work together to provide a positive and supportive environment which recognises the children’s rights and needs to feel safe at all times, to promote optimum learning, foster self-esteem and risk taking. We also respect the rights and well-being of the staff, parents and volunteers at our Kindergarten and encourage active participation in building bridges of learning between the home and Kindergarten environment.

This will be achieved by ensuring that:

  • Our Child Protection & Risk Management Strategy, with its policies, procedures & protocols, including “Code of Conduct” is effectively and regularly communicated, implemented and reviewed.
  • A stimulating & enriched environment is provided which is effective in offering children opportunities to engage in a wide range of experiences and is flexible in responding to their natural curiosity.
  • Integral review processes are undertaken regularly, (including annual Affiliation procedures) to measure the effectiveness of the programs provided and that future programming is reflective of the review outcome.
  • We understand that to provide a child-safe and child-friendly environment we must:
  • Value and respect children by asking their ideas and involve them in decisions and policies which affect them.
  • Identify potential risks to children and work conscientiously to control and reduce them.
  • Respect staff and volunteers by providing support, training and clear guidelines to do their job well. • Empower all people connected to the organisation, including children, so that they feel confident to raise concerns.
  • Encourage parental participation. We acknowledge our role and obligation to recognise the signs of and respond appropriately to harmful and abusive situations involving children in our care.

We are dedicated to providing our children, families and staff with education in protective behaviours to promote and develop responsible life skills.

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