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12 Dorkay Street, Stafford Heights QLD 4053

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About the centre

At Stafford Heights Kindergarten we value each child who joins our community as a unique and complex individual. Through the development of strong and positive relationships, we will listen to, nurture, respect and guide each child to discover that they have autonomy, a free will to learn, and agency to teach. Children learn best when they have the care of a knowledgeable and concerned adult, capable of engaging them intellectually as well as emotionally, and who is in turn, capable of being engaged intellectually and emotionally by them.

We believe in encouraging children to develop their own ideas and follow their individual passions through play-based learning, supported by a proven kindergarten curriculum. We place a great emphasis on building strong relationships with each child and nurturing their individual development through our play-based approach to learning. Children at Stafford Heights Kindergarten thrive on imaginative play with a broad range of experiences, resources and exciting natural environments to inspire them. Individual games explore each child’s unique interests and enable them to express their creativity and personality; while group games allow children to share ideas, develop a sense of wellbeing and experience inclusiveness.

Stafford Heights Kindergarten aims to deliver such personalised play-based learning guided by our core values framework. Our values make up our collaborative vision and are very much embedded across our service and are an important part of how we work with our children, families and community, and with each other. We ensure our values drive our culture, our performance, our ethics and decision making. Our values framework is ‘we are inspired and inspire others by’ Growth (to keep changing and growing), Belonging (to be connected with self, others, and community), Safety (to feel secure and protected), Hope (to maintain a positive and optimistic outlook). We look forward to showing our values in our work with you and your family.

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