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982 Moggill Road, Kenmore QLD 4069

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About the centre

Kenmore Park Kindergarten has been an important part of the Western Suburbs Community for 50 years.  Established in 1968, it has grown to become a vital not-for-profit Community Kindergarten, providing educational programs for children aged 3-5 years.

Nestled in the leafy suburb of Kenmore, our natural environment encompasses a large and inviting natural play space; filled with trees, water pathways and sandpits.

We endeavour to make your time and association with our centre, a happy and supportive experience for you and your child.  By working in collaborative partnership with you, we aim to create rich and exciting learning environments, opportunities and experiences for our young children that will support them on their learning journeys.

By the time this period is over, your children will have formed conceptions of themselves as social beings, as thinkers and as language users and they will have reached certain important decisions about their own abilities and their own worth.

Our Programs:

Designed specifically for 3 year olds, our Pre-Kindy class offers a high quality learning environment, allowing children to experience successful, guided and supported interactions with their peers and staff.  Our Pre-Kindy staff are highly experienced with the age group, forging strong relationships with children and families.

Our Kindergarten programs offer unique opportunities for children to connect with nature; develop skills in language and literacy; physical development; mathematics and science.  The educational program is developed to ensure that all children have many pathways to success and further investigative learning in their play.  The educators work closely alongside the children to support and develop learning opportunities that are creative, develop individual needs and promote safe and harmonious play with peers in the group.

We encourage parent participation to extend learning possibilities, foster partnerships and highlight our strengths and learning during each day.  This connection is continued in our online portfolio for each family and displays of children’s work in the classrooms.

Group work is actively encouraged as we see this type of learning a way for children to develop meaningful social connections, extend their thinking and communication skills as well as become more independent in their overall learning.  Whole group times focus upon language and literacy methods, music and movement and a time for reflective practice (extending ideas, planning and developing listening skills).

At Kenmore Park Kindy, we believe that Early Childhood is a period of momentous significance; to be valued and enjoyed in its own right.  We believe we share in the responsibility for helping children develop into young learners who will be caring about people and the environment, be socially responsible, inventive and who will be best equipped to cope with change.

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