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About the centre

Just Imagine….

  • A kindergarten where relationships between children staff and families are foundational to all that is done.
  • A place where children are acknowledged as active and competent learners who learn best through thoughtful and purposeful play.
  • A place where children are encouraged to have control and ownership over their learning ideas and directions.
  • Somewhere interactions are respectful, nurturing and reciprocal.
  • Somewhere the individuality of each child and family is celebrated regardless of race, creed, gender, disability, class or culture.
  • A place where children are growing in their understanding and respect of indigenous Australians and all cultures of the world.
  • A program that is based on current best practice in early childhood which is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines.
  • A place where nature play and outdoor education is central to program delivery.
  • An environment that is expansive, with trees to climb, real grass to run on and water courses to explore.
  • A kindergarten staff that strive daily to strengthen children’s understanding and appreciation of the natural world.
  • A place where children are supported to become environmentally responsible and show respect for the outdoors by recycling, minimising waste and playing an active role towards a sustainable future.
  • Classrooms that are newly refurbished, air-conditioned and beautifully maintained.
  • Somewhere open ended resources are available inside and outside for children to freely access.
  • A well-established and resourced centre that has been skilfully designed by the expertise of families, staff and communities for 60 years.
  • An early childhood service where parents and teachers work in partnership to provide children with the best possible early childhood education.
  • Somewhere partnerships are actively built and parents feel valued as the most important teacher in their child’s life.
  • A kindergarten where staff wellbeing is valued and care is taken to acknowledge appreciate and maintain long term staff.
  • A kindergarten where many staff have been present for over 20 years but have kept abreast of and are implementing current best practice in early childhood education.
  • A kindergarten that has healthy reciprocal relationships with its local community.
  • A kindergarten that shares a boundary with Kedron Brook parkland and children regularly participate in nature walks and exploration of an amazing natural environment rich in flora and fauna.
  • A kindergarten that has been rated Exceeding in all 7 quality areas of the National Quality Standard by the Department of Education and Training.
  • Somewhere all stakeholders seek to imagine how the service can continue to evolve to better serve the needs of our children and our families.

Imagine Emily Foord Kindergarten.


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