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(07) 3285 2685

Corner Todds Road & Nightingale Drive, Lawnton QLD 4501

Today - 8:45 am to 2:45 pm

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Wed - 8:45 am to 2:45 pm

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About the centre

Lawnton Kindergarten is a not-for-profit service that has been providing high quality and affordable kindergarten for children aged 3 – 5 for 50 years. We foster an environment where children can develop at their own pace. Opportunities for learning are created and explored through play in a caring, safe and flexible learning environment. Our teachers develop and deliver a program based on the Early Years Learning Framework and Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline.

Lawnton Kindergarten is a fully registered and licensed service and has an NQS rating of “Exceeding the National Quality Standard.”

Staff at Lawnton Kindergarten have recognised qualifications, are experienced and great at what they do! Our maximum number of children in a kindy group is 22, and each group has at least two Educators: 1 Teacher and 1 Assistant.

Our Philosophy

We believe that it is important for children to thrive and develop a strong sense of self-worth, a positive self-image, feel valued and have a sense of belonging. We are passionate about the importance and power of play and believe that it is the fundamental medium for children’s learning.  We believe children are active learners and are intrinsically motivated to learn. We foster an inquiry approach to learning where they have the ability to reach their own potential and we value each child’s voice. We believe that children’s learning is best promoted in an environment of partnerships-between child, teachers, parents and the wider community.

Physical Environment

Lawnton Kindergarten is located on the corner of Todds Rd & Nightingale Dr in Lawnton – across the road from Lawnton State School. Set in established, leafy grounds, our outdoor play area is naturally shady and inviting, with a variety of built areas to explore, and plenty of real grass for children to run and play. All our play equipment is designed for kindergarten-aged children, and teachers create obstacle courses and a variety of other play experiences to be explored during outside play time.  The outside area is fully fenced and secured.

Raised garden beds, where the children can be involved with the growing of vegetables and/or flowers, adjoin the covered patio off each unit. Easel painting and other activities are set up in this area, and the patio is used throughout the kindy day. The group will often gather with their teachers in this area for morning tea. The patios are fully covered and feature adjustable awnings, that keep them shady and comfortable throughout the day.

Indoors, each unit has different areas to cater to the interests of kindy children during inside time. The carpet area is the main space where the children assemble with their teacher for the important business of singing and dancing, as well as a wide variety of other teacher led group activities. There is a smart board in each unit, which is used to augment the program at various times throughout the day. As outside, there are different spaces in each unit to inspire children’s play and creativity – such as home corner, table craft and activities, dress ups or quiet reading area.

Prep Readiness

Starting Prep is a big transition for any child, and there is a wide variety of ways that the kindy year at Lawnton Kindergarten prepares children for school. At Lawnton Kindy, children are enrolled into a kindergarten group, which like a school class, they attend each of their kindy days with all the other children in their group. This allows children to make friends with their classmates at kindy and become familiar with a regular attendance pattern. Within the kindy day, routines are in place that help make children feel more comfortable at kindy (they can anticipate what will happen next) which have the benefit of being very similar to the types of routines that are found in Prep classrooms. Kindy children learn how to sit on the carpet and listen to their teacher, how to share with other children, engage in a multitude of activities that promote both fine and gross motor development, and through play at kindy develop their social and emotional skills which are essential for success at school. Early literacy and numeracy are embedded in the kindergarten program, and children develop those skills and many more at their own pace with encouragement and support from their teachers while at Lawnton Kindy.

For more information about kindy at Lawnton email, or call us on 3285 2685.


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