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14 Honora Street, Jimboomba QLD 4280

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About the centre

Jimboomba Community Kindergarten Association Inc. is a community based association and affiliated with Lady Gowrie Kindergarten, with all profits reinvested to benefit children and the community.

This association and its assets are owned by the parent body which elects a management committee each year to operate the centre effectively.

As an affiliated centre we adhere to the National Early Years Learning Framework’s recognised play-based curriculum. This allows children to problem solve, discover and learn how to be independent thinkers.

additional information

At Jimboomba Community Kindergarten we believe that childhood is a unique time of life. It is a time to be valued and enjoyed. It is a time when children develop the skills needed to build successful relationships with others, and understand the world in which we live. It is a time for learning how to be part of a group, yet growing as an individual. It is when children build the foundations for all future health, learning and wellbeing.

In our work with children we:Acknowledge the uniqueness and potential of each child;

Acknowledge children as active and competent learners;
Create a safe and stimulating learning environment to encourage thoughtful play;
Promote secure attachments and warm, trusting relationships and interactions;
Seek to strengthen resilience, critical thinking and informed risk taking;
Promote communication and problem solving skills, together with social learning and awareness, and capacity to express and acknowledge feelings.

Working in partnership with parents and families we:

Recognise parents and families as their child’s first and most influential teachers;
Share knowledge and promote confident parenting;
Seek to develop and maintain positive relationships based on trust and mutual respect, two way communication and participation in service decision-making;
Respect and value the individual backgrounds and unique culture and customs of families;
Build genuine reciprocal relationships between children, families, staff and carers that are strengthened and sustained over time.

As a community of learners we:

Encourage children’s learning by providing for their interests and expanding their knowledge and skills;
Encourage children to accept challenges and support and celebrate their achievements;
Document children’s experiences, and share these with children, parents and colleagues;
Promote sharing of information and expertise between parents, staff and carers;
Promote the importance of sustainable practices within our kindergarten;
Reflect on our practise, commit to continuous quality improvement, and support each other’s ongoing professional and personal development.

With regard to our local community we:

Connect children and families with each other and local child and family support services;
Share our expertise with the field;
Seek to inform and influence government decision-making;
Promote the value and contribution of our services within the community.