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Beck St, Dalby QLD 4405

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Tue - 8:15 am to 3:45 pm

Wed - 8:15 am to 3:45 pm

Thu - 8:15 am to 3:45 pm

Fri - 8:15 am to 3:45 pm

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About the centre

Dalby Beck Street Kindergarten is a community owned, Lady Gowrie Affiliated Kindergarten.  The Centre was established in 1965.  The program run at Dalby Beck Street Kindergarten focuses solely on Pre-Prep age children.  Should spaces be available after Pre-Prep intake, Kindergarten aged children will be enrolled at the Director’s discretion.  Children attend with the same group of friends in each session, allowing them to develop social skills and to form bonds with other children their age.

We have one teaching unit catering for two groups of Pre-Prep aged children.  Our White Group attends Kindergarten each Tuesday and Thursday and our Red Group attends Kindergarten each Wednesday and Friday.  Both groups attend Kindergarten during the school term from 8.15am to 3.45pm on their allocated days. Our capacity in each group is 22 students, making a total enrolment of 44 children.

Each group is run by our specialist Early Childhood Teacher (minimum qualification four year university degree) and a specialist Teaching Assistant (minimum qualification Certificate III in Childcare).

This community Kindergarten is funded by State Government grants, fees and funds raised by the parent body each year.   The Centre is managed by a committee elected by the members of the Dalby Beck Street Kindergarten Association Inc.

This Kindergarten continues to meet the high standard set by Lady Gowrie Community Kindergartens who provide management advice, facilitate our funding, educational consultancy in the form of seminars and an early educational and care consultant.

The Kindergarten also follows the framework set out by the Australian Children’s Education & Care Authority (ACECQA) and adheres to the National Quality Standards. In 2015 when we last undertook rating standards we achieved an ‘Exceeding’ Rating.

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