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About the centre

Welcome to our kindergarten! A home as much as a kindergarten, Chiselhurst, set in one of Toowoomba’s oldest and most beautiful suburbs, offers an early learning environment with heart. Through strong, loving and dependable relationships and an environment informed by the lives of children, we inspire and encourage beautiful, kind hearts and confident, independent thinkers. Here we are passionate about delivering a magical, extraordinary beginning that honours childhood and the promise of young lives with an approach that provides a gentle bridge between home and formal schooling.

Chiselhurst Kindergarten is a place where children are allowed to be children, and we inspire growth and learning by nurturing children’s sense of wonder and innocence, their ideas, imagination and initiative, and their adventurous spirit. Here we believe in the power of human connection and the joy of play in the development of the whole child and awakening their inborn potential.

This is a place of creativity and inspiration…and of heart. A place where the rooms and environments magically cherish and celebrate children – all that they are, and all that they can be. A place that gives every child a bespoke, magical beginning to their unique and wonderful future.

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