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10 Imperial Ave, Cannon Hill QLD 4170

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About the centre

Since 1963, Cannon Hill Community Kindergarten has served families from the local community. We are passionate in our belief that childhood is a unique time of life, to be nurtured and enjoyed in its own right. We believe that children are competent and capable thinkers and learners, who thrive when supported in a caring, nurturing and safe environment. We want children to grow up with the understanding, skills and dispositions to be caring people and effective learners, able to contribute to their world and to enjoy rich and successful relationships with others.

We are a Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten Provider and we offer a quality educational program using the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines to implement the Early Years Learning Framework.

In our most recent assessment, we proudly achieved an Overall Rating of Exceeding the National Standard against the NQS.

We create a safe, welcoming and stimulating learning environment for your child that:

  • Encourages thoughtful play and early literacy and numeracy development
  • Promotes a strong sense of belonging and self-worth
  • Facilitates warm trusting relationships and interactions with others
  • Strengthens resilience, critical thinking and intellectual curiosity
  • Promotes communication and problem solving
  • Develops capacity to express and acknowledge feelings

Our Teachers, Rhonda Murphy and Leanne Cameron have been with the Kindergarten since 1985 and 1997 respectively and our Assistants Educators are each long-term dedicated personnel. All our staff are committed to making the Cannon Hill Community Kindergarten the best it can be. Their individual dedication, and the harmonious staff relationships makes this a wonderfully positive environment for the children who come here.

Children enjoy a five-day fortnight between the hours of 8:45am and 2:45pm. This means that your child will join either the Monday/Tuesday group or the Thursday/Friday group. The groups alternate each Wednesday. This structure supports you and your child to develop a routine to help make the transition to school a successful one. Similarly, children bring their own lunch and learn to eat their lunch independently, so they can be ready for school.

The Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme (QKFS) is designed to help cover the cost of implementing and delivering an approved kindergarten program. The QKFS subsidy we receive helps to ensure that the cost of kindergarten is not a barrier to access for families. QKFS Plus Kindy Support is provided directly to our kindy to reduce out of pocket expenses for eligible families by providing access to low or no cost kindergarten programs. Please contact us to find out more about our fees and subsidies which may be available.

Community Kindergartens can only exist if our community of families get involved. As such, parents and families are invited and encouraged to play an active part in our Kindy. This can be done by becoming part of our Management Committee or by supporting and participating in events that arise throughout the year.

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