Our Identity

Lady Gowrie enjoys a strong heritage in early childhood education in Queensland and celebrated 75 years of operation in 2015.

In that time our organisation has evolved to where we are today which helps over 3000 families and their children all over Queensland in a variety of services and programs.

In a similar way we have evolved our identity to better reflect Lady Gowrie in the Queensland context.

Our new logo is founded on our philosophy and passion for education, while it also reflects our proud history and bright future in all aspects of early childhood education.

At its core is a clever evolution of our beginnings here in Queensland, and incorporates the colour jacaranda, as was Lady Gowrie’s wishes when she opened Love Street.

We prepare children for life, and feel our new identity better prepares us for who we are as an organisation helping the next generations of Queensland families.

Our Identity


Take the iconic Love St windows


Turn them into both a metaphor and view point


Simplify while still relating to heritage of the organisation


Represent the span of our services now.


Meaning beyond form




Warm, passionate early childhood professionals who prepare children for life




The world of the child centering on secure attachments.


Early Education and Philosophy frameworks


The origins of Lady Gowrie in QLD, the home of early childhood education excellence since 1940.