Gowrie Australia

Lady Gowrie Queensland

Lady Gowrie not only contributes significantly to early childhood in Queensland, but also influences the national debate as a member of the Gowrie Australia coalition.

Gowrie Australia is a coalition of not for profit early childhood organisations which were established over 75 years ago by the Commonwealth Government as a best practice demonstration model.

The Gowrie Centres were named after the then Governor Generals wife, Lady Zara Gowrie. While each state based organisation is a separate entity governed by voluntary Board of Directors, they come together as Gowrie Australia to collaborate, share best practice and undertake research.

The Gowrie organisations remain committed to the model of high quality early childhood education and care and aims to:

  • Provide national leadership in the high-quality provision of education and care services for young families
  • Conduct research into new and innovative service models
  • Offer a range of diverse early childhood services across Australia in local contexts
  • Provide training and professional development for thousands of early childhood educators annually
  • Engage in national networking and advocacy across the early childhood profession.

The education and care of our youngest Australians is complex, demanding, and highly responsible work. Gowrie Australia and the thousands of stakeholders across our networks take this work seriously.

Gowrie Australia informs the COAG agenda for early childhood reforms through its membership on the National Stakeholder Reference Group facilitated by the federal Department for Education, Employment and Workforce Relations.

From 2016 Reflections produced by Gowrie Australia, has a new refreshed and revised format. Once a hard-copy quarterly early education and care magazine, Reflections will now produce articles digitally every month.  It is believed that this new look and feel is better suited to the opportunities for more spontaneous reading as well as discussion starters for professional reflection.

Reflections can be downloaded for free on each Gowrie website listed below:

Lady Gowrie Qld

Gowrie NSW

Gowrie Victoria

Gowrie SA

The Gowrie (WA) Inc.

Lady Gowrie Tasmania

Beyond the publication, the Gowrie connection has resulted in continued professional dialogue and sharing between each Chief Executive Officer, Managers and Educators, throughout the year. With relationships firmly established, the sharing of knowledge and experience is a regular occurrence. There have been meetings and regular visits to Lady Gowrie Qld, to view and experience new ideas, pedagogy and business systems and processes.