Why Gowrie as your CGB?

How does our central governing body support kindergartens?
We help members by providing high quality support across a range of areas including:

ECEC coordinator service
We provide daily advice and support to members on regulation, policies, teaching and learning, curriculum, inclusive practices and professional development. Our ECEC coordinators visit each member at least once a term and link member services with other early childhood development services as needed.

The Gowrie has developed a comprehensive suite of policies for our members that are available online. Our policies incorporate the requirements of the National Quality Framework and other relevant legislation, and support inclusive practices. Our ECEC coordinators help members adapt the policies to their local circumstances.

Professional development
Members have access to a range of professional development activities. Our professional development calendar includes activities and upcoming events for committees and staff. Our ECEC coordinators organise quarterly teacher network meetings, which bring together members from within regions to reflect on practice and support professional collaboration.

Workforce issues
We work closely with members to manage workforce issues and seek expert advice as required from the Australian Community Services Employers Association. We also support Volunteer Management Committees negotiate with union representatives new enterprise agreements every three years.

Advocacy, communication and promotion
We advocate for and promote our members through our liaison with Government and the media. We provide regular communication by way of our ECEC coordinators, email updates and our quarterly publication Gowrie Link-up. We also help members promote their service locally.

Funds administration
Our senior managers provide specialist advice and support in relation to the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme, the funding guarantee and other potential funding sources. We support members with governance, administration and operational planning including budgeting and identifying human and physical resource needs.

We support members with the data collection and reporting requirements of Government including completion of the Child Care Census and providing audited financial statements annually.

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