Your child’s early learning is our priority.

Educating children, teaching generations, supporting communities

About Lady Gowrie Kindergartens

There are 98 Lady Gowrie Affiliated Community Kindergartens across Queensland providing an Early Childhood Education program for children in the year before they start school.

Lady Gowrie Kindergartens are community-based, and are expert in tailoring their early childhood services to the needs of local children and families.

The Gowrie (QLD) is the Central Governing Body (CGB) for Lady Gowrie Affiliated Kindergartens and supports each service in their provision of an Approved Kindergarten Program.

For overĀ 75 years The Gowrie’s focus has been Queensland children and families, and the benefits quality early childhood programs bring to our community.

The Gowrie believes that childhood is a unique time of life, to be valued and enjoyed in its own right. This is the time where foundations are laid for future health, learning and wellbeing.

We value children growing up with the understandings, skills and dispositions to be caring people and effective learners, able to contribute to their world and to enjoy rich and successful relationships with others.


Why choose a Lady Gowrie Kindergarten?

As parents know, children are active and competent learners. That’s why your child’s early learning is our priority. We focus on expanding your child’s knowledge and skills and providing for their interests.

We create a safe, welcoming and stimulating learning environment for your child that:

  • encourages thoughtful play and early literacy and numeracy development
  • promotes a strong sense of belonging and self worth
  • facilitates warm trusting relationships and interactions with others
  • strengthens resilience, critical thinking and intellectual curiosity
  • promotes communication and problem solving
  • develops capacity to express and acknowledge feelings.


What does Kindergarten involve?

Most Lady Gowrie Kindergartens operate programs for 15 hours a week, 40 weeks per year but this may vary based on local community needs. In every Kindergarten, a qualified and experienced Early Childhood Teacher delivers the program.

The majority of Lady Gowrie Kindergartens offer two Kindergarten programs a week with a maximum of 22 children participating in each.

Many services offer programs for six hours a day, for example from 8.45am to

2.45pm, five days a fortnight during each school term. However opening hours can vary and should be discussed with your local Lady Gowrie Kindergarten.


How does Kindergarten benefit children?

High quality education programs have been shown to increase children’s life chances.

Research tells us that early childhood education and care programs such as Kindergarten, experienced at age 3-4 years, most consistently and powerfully predicts both social and academic attainment at the start of school and a child’s progress throughout the first year.

In contrast, the absence of a group-based early childhood education and care experience at this time most consistently predicts poor performance and poor progress.

Early education programs not only support the development of early literacy and numeracy but also facilitate the learning of routines that are a prerequisite for successful school participation and attainment.


How do parents know our Kindergarten program is high quality?

All Lady Gowrie Kindergartens are approved by the State Government to deliver the Kindergarten program.

Lady Gowrie Kindergartens are also regulated by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority and State Government, and assessed and rated against the 58 elements of the National Quality Standard.

The National Quality Standard was introduced in 2012 and applies to all early childhood education and care services in Australia. In this first year, all Lady Gowrie Kindergartens assessed were rated as ‘exceeding the National Quality Standard’.

Lady Gowrie Kindergartens continue to achieve this very high standard of early childhood education and care.


What Kindergarten curriculum do we use?

Lady Gowrie Kindergartens base their education program on the Queensland

Kindergarten Learning Guideline developed by the Queensland Studies Authority.

The Queensland Studies Authority is an independent statutory body responsible for the State’s Kindergarten to year 12 syllabuses, guidelines, assessment, reporting, testing, accreditation and certification services for state and non-state schools.

What can parents, carers and family members expect?

Importantly, the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline recognises that parents are children’s first educators, and values the vital role parents, carers and family members play in children’s lives and their ongoing learning.

This view is also shared by Lady Gowrie Kindergartens.

In our partnership with families, Lady Gowrie Kindergartens:

  • respect and value the individual backgrounds and unique culture and customs of families
  • actively pursue genuine and positive relationships, and involve parents and carers in decision making at the service.

We encourage parents and carers to be actively involved in their child’s learning throughout their time at a Lady Gowrie Kindergarten. This includes:

  • making you feel welcome in our Kindergartens
  • sharing information about your child’s experiences, interests, needs and learning
  • involving you in your child’s learning
  • helping you understand and support your child’s learning as they prepare to transition to school.


What do families say about Lady Gowrie Kindergartens?

“My daughter attended a Lady Gowrie Affiliated Kindergarten Program. The teachers and staff helped us all to navigate the unique transitions of early childhood – celebrating with her and with our family at every milestone. While it was sad for her to leave ‘Lowry Gowrie’ she was ready. Now she’s started Prep and she’s confident, prepared and excited about school!”

“In my experience, Lady Gowrie Kindergartens encourage young children to express themselves and to create warm, trusting relationships with others.

As a result my son has made lasting friendships from his kindy year. He also

developed the confidence and literacy and numeracy skills that made the transition to school that much easier.”


How can parents and carers enrol their child?

For more information, you may contact The Gowrie on (1300 945 405) or locate your local Service on our website www.gowrieqld.com.au or visit and talk to the helpful staff at your local Lady Gowrie Affiliated Community Kindergarten.